Westerner Showcase Sale Friday Oct. 19

The Westerner Showcase Sale, put on by the Central Alberta Holstein Club, goes Friday October 19th, 1:00 pm at Westerner Park in Red Deer. ~35 head will sell including 20 fresh cows. Great selection of animals selling from across Western Canada!

Follow along on Cowsmo for sale updates HERE.

Come early at 10:30 AM to get in on the speaker and Ice Cream social sponsored by Nutrisource! Ben Stuart from Hardisty, AB will be speaking on

-Intensive Rotational Grazing
-Cover cropping
-Companion Cropping
-Relay crops and double cropping for silage and grazing.
-Winter crops for silage and forage production
-Extended winter grazing.
-365 day grazing systems
-Grass and Forage finishing

Building a resilient regenerative system that enhances the soil, environment and animal production while remaining economically viable is the main focus. Ben originates from NZ where forage grazing systems are a big part of the production cycle for both beef and dairy.

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