National Holstein Convention Best Bred & Owned

Alberta Holstein was happy to present the Bred & Owned awards at the 2022 National Holstein Convention, Congratulations to all the recipients!

  • Winter Calf- Benbie Bridgestone Maeve (1st), Benbie, Robella, Zimmer, Lakefield Farm, SK
  • Summer Yearling- Lovhill Stan Cream Cheese (6th), Lovholm Holsteins, SK
  • Spring Yearling- Benbie Chrome Cherise (1st), Benbie Holsteins, SK
  • Spring 2 Year Old- Robella Sidekick Skye (2nd),Robella Holsteins & Pat Conroy, SK
  • Fall 2 Year Old- Wendon Jordy Clear (2nd), Wendon Holsteins, AB
  • Junior 3 Year Old- Robella WC Tatoo Mia (3rd), Robella Holsteins & Westcoast Holsteins, SK
  • Senior 3 Year Old- Mosnang Unstopabull Karma (1st), Mosnang, Lovholm, Lucky Hill Dairy Ltd., AB
  • Mature Cow- Benbie High Octane Ciara (1st) – Benbie Holsteins, SK
  • Lifetime Component Cow- Benbie Atwood Matila(1st) – Benbie Holsteins, SK
  • Champion Bred & Owned Benbie High Octane Ciara, 1st Mature Cow- Benbie Holsteins, Caron, SK
  • Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Lovhill Lotties Lastkick, 2nd 4-Year-old- Lovholm Holsteins, Balgonie, SK
  • Junior Bred & Owned Champion Mosnang Miranda Lambert, 5th Winter Yearling, Mosnang Holsteins, Rimbey, AB
  • Reserve Junior Bred & Owned Champion Benbie Chrome Cherise, 1st Spring Yearling, Benbie Holsteins, Caron, SK

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