Judging Schools & Evaluation Seminars are educational opportunities for breeders, 4-H members and anyone interested in learning more about judging, conformation, reasons, showmanship and breed trends. The purpose of club and provincial judging schools and evaluation seminars are to provide breeders and youth with the tools to make a balanced appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of dairy cows while keeping in mind that the cows appearance does tell us something about her potential wearing ability or longevity. These are useful tools when purchasing, culling and breeding dairy animals.

Criteria to obtain Aspiring Status
-a minimum of three out of five positive scores at the provincial judging conference
-able to present a well organized set of reasons for class placings
-prepared to judge showmanship classes.

Local judges wishing to become aspiring judges must apply to the Alberta Holstein Judging Committee and request they be considered to attend the Tier II Judging Conference and and after attending the Tier II Conference for a minimum of three years may be considered as an Aspiring Judge.

To obtain Official Status, Aspiring Judges must attain positive scores in three out of five Official Schools attended (after becoming an Aspiring Judge) and obtain practical experience by judging both conformation and showmanship at some shows. A letter including shows judged requesting to be moved to official status should be sent to the board for consideration.

Tier I Judging School held annually in conjunction with the Alberta Dairy Congress.

Club judging schools and evaluations are held throughout the year. Check the coming events calendar for your local club and Branch events

Judges List

Official Judges

Aspiring Judges

Chad Crest- Athabasca- (780) 689-9576- chad.crest@gmail.com

Jason Rietveld- Fort Saskatchewan- (780) 915-5914 rietben@albertacom.com

Casey Morey- Rochester- (780) 307-5378- cmorey@ualberta.ca

Jan vandeBrake- Lacombe- (587) 377-3677 Jmvandebrake@outlook.com

Chance Hofstra- Millet- (780) 271-6955 chancehofstra@gmail.com

Martin Staub- Edmonton- (780) 231-1286martin.staub9@gmail.com

Katelyn Kozak-New Sarepta- (780) 686-4614 kkozak@xplornet.ca

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