Western Canadian Classic

Western Canada’s Premier Junior Dairy Show

WCC 2021 will be held in MB from August 24-28!

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The Western Canadian Classic was started in 1985 by a group of volunteers from BC, AB, SK & MB. The first committee was comprised of Bruno Giacomazzi, Gordon Rendle, John Blair, Carol Wright, Dwayne Congdon, Don Chalack, Larry Brack, Dale Strudwick, Glenn Gurr and Desmond Donohoe. The committee designed a concept of hosting a competitive show dashed with social functions to promote friendly interaction between the participants for all four provinces. A set of objectives was established and these have been met over and over again each year.

  • To provide a learning experience for our dairy youth
  • To provide an opportunity for friendly competition
  • To stimulate friendships among Western Canadian young dairy enthusiasts
  • An opportunity for agri-business to support our youth today
  • An opportunity for youth to learn from the agri-business sector
  • To promote the dairy industry to the public
  • To help maintain or stimulate interest in agriculture

The first WCC was held in 1985 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This show consisted of 3 showmanship classes, 3 calf conformation classes, judging and pedigree competitions, best of three class and stall competition. Over the years WCC has grown and now consists of 3 showmanship classes, 7 Conformation classes, judging and pedigree competitions, best of three class, stall competition, clipping competition, Premier Province Competition and dairy science quiz which involves general dairy anatomy and nutrition questions.

WCC is open to all current 4-H Club members, 12 – 17 years of age as of January 1 of the calendar year, who have a 4-H project. Youth 18 – 21 years of age must belong to a local breed club/association or a 4-H club. All breeds show together in respective classes with the colored breeds entering the ring first.

For more information please contact: Katelyn Crest or Casey Morey

2019 Team Alberta Highlights

2019 Champions
Grand Champion Calf- Sunnyhome Alonzo Rega-Navi Schalin,BC
Grand Champion Showman- Martin Rypma,BC
Premiere Province- BC

2019 Results

2018 Results

2017 Full Results

2016 WCC Full Results

Past Grand Champion Calf

2019-Sunnyhome Alonzo Rega-Navi Schalin,BC
2018-Hamming Solomon Danica- Martin Rypma,BC
2017- Robella Reginald Ellie- Martin Rypma, BC
2016- Springbend Reginald Drum Roll-Cayden Hamming, BC
2015- Skycrest Peanut- Katelyn Crest, AB
2014- Wendon Windbrook Mercy- Lars Iversen, AB
2013- Skycrest RedEye Ta Dah- Katelyn Crest, AB
2012- Skycrest Seaver Prairie Chick- Katelyn Crest, AB
2011- Skycrest Sanchez Abracadabra- Chad Crest, AB
2010- Cederwal Sanchez Icing- Lorene Vanderwal, BC
2009- Skycrest Rampage Alfalfa- Katelyn Crest, AB
2008- Haddington Rudolph Louisianna- Tyler Haambuckers, BC
2007- Springbend Laramie Action- Herb De Ruiter, BC
2006- Skycrest Dundee Nemo- Chad Crest, AB
2005- Skycrest Dundee Nemo- Chad Crest, AB
2004- Serli Leduc Halla- Jon Fornwald, SK
2003- Silverridge Leduc Noleta- Jody Fornwald, SK
2002- Hamming Leduc Evelyn- Danielle Van Biert, BC
2001- Crestomere Gibson Lottery- Lee Simanton, AB
2000- Olds Formation Goliah- Jillian Chalack, AB
1999- Beemer Skychief Carol- Linsey Chalack, AB
1998- Riview Astre Sandra- Michelle Sawatzky, SK
1997- Benco Serena Milan- Carl Barclay, BC
1996- Donohoe Marcy Astre- Jordan Gavaga, MB
1995- Roswitha Jackpot Aurora D- Andy Mueller, MB
1994- Donohoe Star Black Jack- Jordan Gavaga, MB
1993- Sunnyhome Star Minnie- Kirsty Stewart, BC
1992- Continental Marv Beauty- Alana Savage, BC
1991- Decka Warden Tara- Alice Schiller, AB
1990- Roswitha Me Jackie- Dirk Mueller, MB
1989- Continental Counselor Erin- Martin Staub, AB
1988- Roserna Mila St- Robin Bienert, AB
1987- Willswik Starbuck Royal, Darlene Wikkerink, BC
1986- Continental Happy-Red, Sue Wedman, AB
1985- Wrightside Mattador Sonata- Lexi Wright, AB

Past Grand Champion Showman

2019-Martin Rypma,BC
2018-Lorna Hamming,BC
2017- Martin Rypma, BC
2016- Mike Podschadly, BC
2015- Michael Flaman, SK
2014- Jaclyn Hunter, AB
2013- Mike Podschadly, BC
2012- Katelyn Crest, AB
2011- Alexis DeJong, BC
2010- Veronica Hunter, AB
2009- Chad Crest, AB
2008- Lee Simanton, AB
2007- Herb DeRuiter, BC
2006- Lee Simanton, AB
2005- Christina Rendle, BC
2004- Danielle Van Biert, BC
2003- Markus Hehli, AB
2002- Tim Penner, MB
2001- Caden Chalack, AB
2000- Caden Chalack, AB
1999- Dereck Van Sickle, AB
1998- Caden Chalack, AB
1997- Clark Thomson, BC
1996- Kristy Stewart, BC
1995- David Hamming, BC
1994- Kristy Stewart, BC
1993- Jason Frayn, BC
1992- Jeff Crane, BC
1991- Darlene Wikkerink, BC
1990- Roger Wikkerink, BC
1989- David Hamming, BC
1988- Tiffany Kuhn, AB
1987- ALexis Hull, BC
1986- Ridley Wikkerink, BC
1985- Ridley Wikkerink, BC

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