Branch Awards

The Alberta Holstein Association is proud to present several awards throughout the year.  Alberta Breeder of the Year, President Club Cow Award, the Curtis Clark Award and  Marj Atkins Achievement Award, Best Bred & Owned Awards, and Top 4-H Member Awards.

Alberta Breeder of the Year

The Alberta Holstein Association initiated the Breeder of the Year Award in February 2002 in Barrhead, AB. This award is presented annually at the Alberta Holstein Association Annual Meeting and will honor outstanding Alberta Breeders and their families.  The award is based on the years accomplishments of the herd including production, classification and show records.

Breeder of the Year Rules

2022 Breeder Score Card

2022 Alberta Breeder of the Year Club Winners

Country Roads Holstein Club- de Wildt Dairy
Northern Alberta Holstein Club- New Mars Dairy
Central Alberta Holstein Club- Mosnang Holsteins
Southern Alberta Holstein Club- Happy Cow Dairy
Green Acres Holstein Club- Nifera Holsteins

Past Winners

2021- Mars Dairy- Schrijver Family- Stettler
2020- Van Benthem Dairy- van Benthem Family- Innisfail
2019- Skycrest Holsteins- Crest Family- Athabasca
2018- Wendon Holsteins- Chalack Family- Red Deer County
2017- Chubanna Holsteins- Wildeboer Family- Lacombe
2016- Mosnang Holsteins- Hehli Family- Rimbey
2015- Pol Butte Holsteins- Van Den Pol Family- Picture Butte
2014- Marsfield Holsteins- Gert & Sonja Schrijver- Stettler
2013- Skycrest Holsteins- Crest Family- Athabasca
2012- Bernalta Holsteins- Eric & Elsie Taylor- Carstairs
2011- Crestomere Holsteins- Simanton Family- Crestomere
2010- Deerfield Colony- Magrath
2009- Marsfield Holsteins- Gert & Sonja Schrijver- Stettler
2008- Mosnang Holsteins- Hehli Family- Rimbey
2007- Crestomere Holsteins- Simanton Family- Crestomere
2006- Bienert Holsteins-Dale & June Bienert- Sherwood Park
2005- Skycrest Holsteins- Crest Family- Athabasca
2004- Wendon Holsteins- Chalack Family- Innisfail
2003- Willobrake Holsteins- Leo & Moira Robbins- Pincher Creek
2002- Riteveld Dairies- Rietveld Family- Fort Saskatchewan
2001- Innislake Dairy- Iversen Family- Olds

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President’s Club Cow

Each club calculates their top cow based on the formula below. The winner then goes on to compete at the Provincial level with cows from all 5 Clubs. The winner is presented at the AGM.



President’s Club Cow Calculation Spreadsheet

2021 Presidents Club Cow Nominees

Country Roads – Skycrest Defiant Last Call – Skycrest Holsteins
Northern Club – New Mars Krusader Makenna– New Mars Dairy
Central Club – Marsfield Denzel Kimmy– Mars Dairy
Southern Club – Huntcliff Epic Endive– Huntcliff Dairy
Green Acres – Rietben Lis Royale– Nifera Holsteins

Past Winners:

2021- Deerfield Lynx Pamela- GAHC- Deerfield Colony
2020- Rockymountain Super Teatro- SAHC- Innislake Dairy Farm
2019- New Mars Sanchez Eastern, NAHC- New Mars Dairy
2018- Prehlea Igniter Coltmar, CAHC- Chubanna Holsteins
2017- New Mars Laumega Bloom, NAHC- New Mars Dairy
2016- Mosnang Lightning Bolt, CAHC- Mosnang Holsteins
2015- Summerdshade Icellene Baxter, CAHC – Lucky Hill Dairy & Skywest Holsteins
2014- CRF Goldwyn Celine, CAHC- Wendon Holsteins
2013- Irwindale Leduc Macy, SAHC- RockyMountain Holsteins & Continental Holsteins
2012- Alholm Rudolph Jingle, CAHC- Morsan Farms
2011- Continental Leduc Darla, NAHC- ContinentalHolsteins & Jack Haynes
2010- Beercliff Destiny Lana, CAHC- Morsan Farms
2009- Irwindale Leduc Macy, SAHC- RockyMountain Holsteins & Continental Holsteins
2008- Westgen Formation Moira, SAHC- Rinsma Holsteins
2007- Dardel Gibson Orie, NAHC- Dardel Holsteins
2006- Rietben Re Rhythm, NAHC- Rietveld Dairies Ltd.

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Curtis Clark Award

Curtis Clark of Carstairs, Alberta – the highly respected cowman and Master Breeder of Acme Holsteins and a former Holstein Association of Canada National President.

In 1988, the Alberta Branch of Holstein Canada decided to honour Clark with the establishment of the Curtis Clark Award, presented annually at The Royal Winter Fair.
The initial presentation was a complete surprise to Clark, and so was the commemorative trophy. Clark’s wife in cooperation with the organizers, smuggled one of his hats out of the house and it reappeared bronzed and mounted on the plaque that records the names of the award winners. It’s sometimes said of leaders in an industry that theycast a long shadow. Curtis Clark’s shadow followed him around barns and show rings for many years, sharing the knowledge of the dairy industry, his warm personality …and his trademark hat. He was everybody’s friend, a good sport, good showman and was always into a good breeding program. The Curtis Clark Award is meant to honour those skills, as well as Clark’s reputation as a “gentleman showman”.

2022 Award Recipient

Pierre Boulet- Montmagny, QC

Past Winners

2019- Andrew Vander Muelen- Brighton, ON
2018- Don Chalack- Wendon Holsteins- Red Deer County, AB
2017- Simon Lalande- Ferme Blondin-Saint Placide, QC
2016- Rolland Dubois- Ferme Rollandale- Saint-Flavien, QC
2015- Rob Crest- Skycrest Holsteins- Athabasca, AB
2014- Larry Bennett- Caledon, Ontario
2013- Jeff Nurse- Monteith Holsteins- Georgetown, ON
2012- Don Schwartz- Quality Holsteins- Vaughan, ON
2011- Gord Rendle- Stanhope Wedgwood- Victoria, BC
2010- Mike McGriskin- Kentville Holsteins- Shelburne, ON
2009- Fred Armstrong- Huronia Jerseys- Auburn, ON
2008- Earl Phoenic- Dappledale Holsteins- Greenbank, ON
2007- John M. Beerwort- Beervern Holsteins- Knowlton, QC
2006- Gerald Coughlin Jr.- Trent Valley Holsteins- Knowlton, QC
2005- Athol Craswell- Crasdale Farms- Hunter River, PEI
2004- Jack Fraser- Fraeland Holsteins- Fergus, ON
2003- Clifton Berry- North River Farm Jerseys- Mirabel, QC
2002- Stan Coleman- Green Hecares/L’il Buster Jerseys- Innisfail, AB
2001- Riley Wikkerink- Wedgwood Holsteins- Cobble Hill, BC
2000- Callum McKinven- Lookout Holsteins, North Hatley, QC
1999- Harold R. Patterson-Valleycrest Milking Shorthorns & Holsteins- Milton, ON
1998- Robert F. Flett- Flettdale Holsteins- Oshawa-ON
1997- John Buckley- Salem Holsteins- Lindsay, ON
1996- Marc Comtois- Comestar Holsteins- Victoriaville, QC
1995- Henry “J” Hank Vanderpost- Vanhaven Holsteins- Bradford, ON
1994- Frank Meisner- Rensiem Holsteins- Woodstock, ON
1993- Robert E. Ness- Terrace Bank Ayrsires- Howick, QC
1992- Allan Barr- Woodland View Farm- Knowlton, QC
1991- Norm Atkins- Continental Holsteins- Leduc, AB
1990- Brian Sayles of Bridon Farms- Paris, ON
1989- James A. Walker- Walkerbrae Farms- Guelph, ON
1988- R.F. Bob Brown- Browndale Farm- Paris, ON

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Marj Atkins Achievement Award


In 2013, the Alberta Holstein Association created a new “Lifetime Achievement” Award, the Marj Atkins Achievement Award.

Criteria for award:
– Is an Alberta Holstein special achievement award that includes breed involvement
– Lifetime achievement
– No nominations from the local clubs required
– Exclusive award
– Might not  be awarded every year
– Only for Breeders
– Announced at the AGM in the evening
– Presented at the family picnic
– Recipient needs to be at one time a Holstein Canada member

2021 Award Recipient
Ev & Marylee SImanton

Past Winners

2020- Norm Atkins

2019- Don Chalack
2018- Don & Carol Wright
2017- Dale Bienert- Bienert Holsteins- Sherwood Park, AB
2016- No recipient
2015- Orville Schmidt- Southrise Holsteins- Rollyview, AB
2014- Marj Atkins- Continental Holsteins- Leduc, AB

Committee: Alberta Holstein Association President, Alberta Holstein Association Awards Chair, Tim Knull and Bob Reck. Future award winners will be added to the committee.

Top 4-H Member Awards
Each year Alberta Holstein sponsors a true type model to be presented to each of the four 4-H Clubs top member or Grand Champion.

Moos on the Moove- Kyle Van Dijk
Rollyview- Tyson Rietveld
Udderly Unique- Hannah Vanderlinde
Green Acres-

Moos on the Move- Jantiena Hoeve
Rollyview- Neik Schrijver
Udderly Unique- Alice Hehli
Green Acres- Aaron Van Steekelenburg

Moos on the Move- Rolynn Bikker
Rollyview- Neik Schrijver
Udderly Unique- Zoe Mienen
Green Acres- TBA March 2018

Moos on the Moove- Marina Hoeve
Rollyview- Emily Martin
Udderly Unique- Kristy van de Brake
Green Acres- Emma van Steekelenburg

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