Young Leader Program

Alberta Holstein co-sponsors three individuals annually to attend the National Holstein Convention. Open to young adults between the ages of 19 and 30 with a strong interest in the dairy industry. The program encourages young adults to attend and participate in strategy sessions, tours and Holstein Events held during the National Convention.

2019 Young Leader Program Application
Deadline Jan. 7, 2019
More information can be found on the Holstein Canada website.


Past Attendees:

2020-Cancelled due to Covid
2019-Jan & Monica Van de Brake, Casey Morey, Chad Crest, Chance Hofstra
2018 (Victoriaville, QC)- Lee Morey, Jan Slomp, Andrew Hickey
2017 (Toronto, ON)- Chad Crest, Mikayla Morden, Jos Bikker, Maaike Van Kuilenburg
2016 (Calgary & Banff, AB)- Leighton Slingerland
2015 (Fredriction, NB)- Maaike van Kuilenburg, Derek Wassink, Lisa Wiens
2014 (Sherbrooke, QC)- Katelyn Crest, Carien Huijzer and Lee Simanton
2013- Derek & Colleen Wassink
2012- Adrian Schermers, Katelyn Kozak, Michael Lovich, Corien van den Pol
2011-Chad Crest, Metty van de Brake, Aron ten Brummelhuis
2010- Tyce and Stefani Kootstra, Rob Luymes, Derek Wassink
2009- Greg Debbink, Corien van den Pol, Dirk van der Kooij
2008- Amanda Kroeker, Michael Lovich
2007-Daniel & Joel Hummel, Markus Hehli, Ard & Bas van der Kooij
2006- Logan Chalack, Steven Trautman, Duane Zimmer
2005- Gerwin Molendijk, Mike Moran, Hendrik Helmig, Nanning Zeldenrust
2004- Michael Lovich, Jessica Simanton, Maureen Trautman, Steven Trautman

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