2020 Calendar

A big thanks to the breeders that have made yet another great Alberta Holstein Association Calendar for everyone to enjoy throughout 2020!
Innislake Dairy Farm,
Southrise Holsteins,
Baas Dairy,
Lucky Hill Dairy LTD,
Kozak Holsteins,
Lakeland College Canada,
Mosnang Holsteins,
Zimmer Holsteins,
Diamond Park Dairy Ltd.,
Marsfield Dairy,
Chubanna Holsteins
Wendon Holsteins

Also thanks to Kiki Ernst for the use of her picture for the cover.

If you still need a copy, let us know at albertaholstein@gmail.com.


Fall 2019 Newsletter

Check out the latest newsletter online! Includes results from WCC & Westerner Dairy Showcase, Upcoming Events and more.



2019 Curtis Clark Achievement Award Winner

Congratulations to Andrew Vander Muelen, the 2019 recipient of the Curtis Clark Achievement Award.
(Full Write-up) Clark Press Release 2019 Winner – Andrew Vander Meulen

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Vander Meulen Wins Curtis Clark Achievement Award
Highly regarded Jersey dairy cattle breeder, Andrew Vander Meulen, 49, of Avonlea Genetics Inc., Brighton, Ontario, won this year’s Curtis Clark Achievement Award at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ont., on November 8th.

Andrew Vander Meulen and his wife Jennifer, along with their children, Taylor and Will, and Jen’s parents, Jim and Liz Livock, manage Avonlea Genetics, a fourth generation family farm which has earned two Master Breeder awards. The Avonlea herd revolves around balanced, productive animals from deep-pedigreed cow families and currently consists of 20 Excellent, 33 Very Good and four Good Plus cows. The herd has earned over 300 All-Canadian nominations, resulting in 55 All-Canadian and 42 Reserve All-Canadian awards, and has exhibited grand champion cows at both the Royal Winter Fair and World Dairy Expo. The farm also boards and shows cattle for breeders and partners from five different countries. Avonlea has exported embryos to over 30 foreign countries and sells many animals privately and through consignment sales each year. Andrew and Jen also have a successful sales management business and have managed some of the highest averaging Jersey sales in North America, including their own Summer Splash series. An accomplished judge, Andrew has judged National Jersey Shows in five different countries. He has also served on numerous breed and industry committees and is a past president of Jersey Canada.

Vander Meulen is the 33rd recipient of the Clark award which recognizes a Canadian dairy cattle exhibitor who is respected by his peers for his ability, sportsmanship and dedication. The Alberta Holstein Branch established this award in 1988 to honour the late Curtis Clark of Acme Holsteins, a noted Alberta Holstein breeder, cowman and showman.

For additional information, contact Bonnie Cooper
secretary, Curtis Clark Achievement Award Committee,
904 – 12 Rockford Road, North York, ON M2R 3A2;
tel: 416-663-8515; cell: 416-579-6572; e-mail: becooper2010@gmail.com.

Westerner Dairy Showcase Results

2019 Show Results

Congratulations to the breeders & exhibitors at the 2019 Westerner Dairy Showcase.  151 Holsteins were judged by Jeff Stephens, ON.

Pictures @cowsmo

Grand Champion, Best Bred & Owned and Best Udder
Wendon Goldwyn Alberta, 1st Mature Cow, Wendon Holsteins, AB
Reserve Grand Champion
Stranshome Heztry Nali-Red, 1st 5 Yr Old, Fred Fornwald & Sons, MB

HM Grand Champion
Donfield Doorman Bridget, 1st Sr 3 Yr Old, Fred Fornwald & Sons, Harold & Miriam Sweetnam, Mark Sweetnam, MB


R&W Grand Champion
Stranshome Heztry Nali-Red, 1st 5 Yr Old, Fred Fornwald & Sons, MB

Reserve R&W Grand Champion
Kozak Aussie Destiny Red, 2nd Sr 2 Yr Old, Kozak Holsteins, AB

HM R&W Grand Champion
Westcoast Action Regina, 5th 5 Yr Old, Westcoast Holsteins, BC


Intermediate Champion
Donfield Doorman Bridget, 1st Sr 3 Yr Old, Fred Fornwald & Sons, Harold & Miriam Sweetnam, Mark Sweetnam, MB

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Mosnang Solomon Liquify, 1st Jr 2 Yr Old, Mosnang Holsteins, AB & Stanhope Wedgwood, BC

HM Intermediate Champion
Benbie High Octane Ciara, 1st Jr 3 Yr Old, Benbie Holsteins, SK


Junior Champion
Trinal Love to Win, 1st Jr Yr, Westcoast Holsteins, BC

Reserve Junior Champion
Wedgwood Avalanche Rosie, 1st Summer Yr, Wedgewood Holsteins, BC

HM Junior Champion
Roselane Unstopabull Hailey, 1st Jr Calf, Wendon Holsteins, AB


R&W Junior Champion
Roselane Unstopabull Hailey, 1st Jr Calf, Wendon Holsteins, AB

R&W Reserve Junior Champion
Lavender Jordy Razzle Red, 1st Sr Calf, Lavender Farms, BC

HM R&W Junior Champion
Mosnang Ammo Whisky 7 P, 1st Int Yr, Mosnang Holsteins, Rimbey, AB


Junior Breeders Herd

Wendon Holsteins, AB

Breeders Herd

Wendon Holsteins, AB

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Benbie Holsteins, SK

Herdsman Award
Mazylake Holsteins, AB



Westerner Dairy Showcase Youth Show Results

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Congratulations to the exhibitors at the Youth Show!

Conformation Results
Showmanship Results

Grand Champion heifer went to Johannes Renecker (ON) with Kozak Solomon Divine (1st Junior Calf) and Reserve Champion, Hannah Vanderlinde (AB) with Lucky Meihaven Jordy Rien (1st Senior Calf). HM Champion was Jasmine Lemke (BC) with Triple S Trouble Joyride (2nd Senior Calf).

1st in Junior Showmanship was Jasmine Lemke (BC) with Triple S Trouble Joyride, 1st Intermediate and Grand Champion Showman was Ethan Nienhuis (SK) with Robella Avalanche Barbie and 1st Senior and Reserve Champion was Alice Hehli (AB) with Mosnang Undenied Access.

Thank you to Select Sires Genervations for sponsoring the youth show.,