Alberta Holstein Association Scholarship Program

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Up to 4 $1000 scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of the youth committee to students who have completed the first year of university or college and are returning to school within the calendar year. Scholarships are awarded annually at the Branch Annual Meeting in February.

Scholarship Application Requirements

  • Can be used at any officially recognized post-secondary institution.
  • Must have completed at least the first year of university/college; and must be returning to school within the calendar year.
  • Any field of study will qualify but a post-secondary program in/or related to agriculture, science or business with a demonstrated interest in dairy might be preferable.
  • Up to $2000 to be awarded at the discretion of the youth committee
  • Selection Criteria
    • Must be a regular or junior member of the Alberta Branch Holstein Canada, or a son/daughter of a member.
    • Selection will be based on farm involvement, community participation, extra circular activities and academic standings.
    • The student’s most recent post-secondary transcripts, a resume and required essay must accompany application form.
    • The required 500 to 1000 word essay must explain farm involvement, volunteer experience along with future employment ambitions. 6 (Six) judges from members at large will select winners.
    • No individual will be eligible for a second award.
  • Contact Person: Benita Hummel  (403) 335- 5916  or
  • Application Deadline: October 31

Past Scholarship Recipients

2020- Sylvia Slingerland
2019- none
2018- Emma Van Steekelenburg & Cayleigh Haagsma
2017- Chandler Hofstra, Matt Hummel, Maryje Bikker, David Aebersold
2016- Mike Hummel
2015- Jos Bikker, Shelby Devet, Lee Morey, Brandi Reck
2014- Emilie Baerends, Jamie Hummel, Casey Morey, Tilly van den Pol
2013- Chance Hofstra, Breanne Knull, Henriet van de Brake, Edith Wouters
2012- Annerie Kassies, Keith Kozak, Maaike van Kuilenburg
2011- Peter Jakobsen, Michelle Schuurman, Erin Logmann, Mirjam Stigter
2010- Carien Huyzer, Katelyn Kozak, Damian Stamm, Yasmine Voegeli
2009- Arisjan Appel, Nathan Knull, Metty & Jan van de Brake
2008- Aukje Appel, Dennis Klugkist, Gijs van den Broek
2007- Lee Simanton, Silvan Stamm, Djoeke van den Pol, Pascale Wouters
2006- Stephanie Schakel, Sandra Simanton, Nathan Tyler, Jeanette Wouters
2005- Janelle Grunwald, Geerdiene Hijlkema, Kim Rietveld, Kenton Rommens
2004- Bruno Schwizer, Christine Hofstra, Craig Fenske, Laura Schuurman
2003- Kathryn McDowell, Leanne Hillis, Amanda Taylor
2002- Daniel Hummel, Markus Hehli, Jessica Simanton, Linda Rietveld

holsteincanadalogo   Holstein Canada Scholarship 


Each fall, six $1000 Education Awards are offered by Holstein Canada, 1 of which is to be awarded to a student from Western Canada.  Farm involvement & work experience, youth program involvement,  career choice and scholastic record are included in the consideration breakdown for successful applicants.

Five awards of $1000 are also available with the Bovine Medicine Awards, recognizing 1 student from each of the 5 Canadian Veterinary Colleges for their scholastic achievements.

Visit the Holstein Canada Awards page for applications & further details.

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