Branch and National Scholarships

A reminder that both the Alberta Branch and Holstein Canada are now accepting applications for their scholarship programs!

Alberta Branch deadline- Oct. 31, 2019
2019 Scholarship Application

Holstein Canada deadline- Dec. 20, 2019
2019 Application


WCC 2019

Congrats to all of the exhibitors, the organizing committee and volunteers on another great Western Canadian Classic!

Highlights for Team Alberta were

  • 1st Herdsman Award
  • 2nd Premier Province
  • Reserve Grand Champion- Paige Whalen, Roselane Unstopabull Hailey-Red
  • HM Grand Champion- Leighton Slingerland, Mosnang Ammo Whisky 7
  • 1st Junior Clipping team- Trinity Congdon & Emma Huisman

Full results are up on the WCC website!

WCC 2020 will be held in Brandon, MB.

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CAHC Mid-Summer Classic and Udderly Unique Achievement Day Champions

The Central Alberta Holstein Club hosted their annual Mid-Summer Classic on July 3rd in Lacombe.  The show was held in conjunction with the Udderly Unique 4-H Club Achievement Day. Mike Flaman (SK) was the official for the show.


Grand Champion
Corlane Crew Limonade- 1st Summer Yr- Mosnang Holsteins

Reserve Grand Champion
Mosnang Dempsey Score- 1st Jr Yr-  Mosnang Holsteins

HM Grand Champion
Mosnang Can’t Be Denied- 1st Int. Calf- Mosnang Holsteins/ Beemer Holsteins

Jr. Calf Futurity winner- Mazylake Aftershock Farley- Mazylake Holsteins

Jr. Yearling Futurity winner- Mosnang Dempsey Score- Mosnang Holsteins

Jr. 2 Year Old Futurity winner- Mosnang Beemer Reckoning- Mosnang Holsteins

4-H Champions
Grand Champion- Zoe Meinen- Meihaven Lucky Arizona Myra (Int. Calf)
Reserve Grand Champion- Carson Klugkist- Crestomere Unix Rye (Int. Yr)
HM Grand Champion- Alyssa Congdon- Mazylake Thoreau Alameda (Jr. Yr)


  1. Levi Congdon
  2. Megan Schrijver


  1. Trinity Congdon
  2. Hannah Vanderlinde


  1. Carson Klugkist
  2. Zoe Meinen


2019 Alberta Dairy Congress Results


Congrats to the Champions at the Alberta Dairy Congress!

**Alberta Dairy Congress B&W/R&W Show Results**

Jr. Champion R&W
Lovhill Jacot Apple Pie
Lovholm Holsteins, SK Crestomere Holsteins, AB & Charlyn Farms, ON

Jr. Champion B&W
Millen Soloman Ellie
Hamming Holsteins, BC

Int Champion R&W
Kozak Aussie Destiny Red
Kozak Holsteins, AB

Int. Champion B&W
Donfield Doorman Briget
Lampada, MB

Grand Champion R&W
Lampada Jack Red Sally
Lampada, MB & Robella Holsteins, SK

Grand Champion B&W
Donfield Doorman Briget
Lampada, MB

Junior R&W Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Southrise Holsteins, AB

Junior B&W Premier Breeder
Kenbert Acres, SK

Junior B&W Premier Exhibitor
Mosnang Holsteins, AB

R&W Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Southrise Holsteins, AB

B&W Premier Exhibitor
Mosnang Holsteins, AB

Green Acres Holstein Show & 4-H Achievement Day Results

2019 GAHC Show Results


Junior Champion
1st Summer Yr- Thornspyc Movieink Britney
(Thornspyc Dairy)

Reserve Junior Champion
1st In. Yr- Ridgedale Doorman Rush
(Marylander Holsteins)

HM Junior Champion
1st Sr. Calf- Thornspyc Doc Trisha
(Thornspyc Dairy)

Grand Champion
1st Sr.3 Yr- Thornspyc Beemer Lucinda
(Thornspyc Dairy)

Reserve Grand Champion
1st Mature Cow- Decoy Meridian Django
(van der Kooij Dairy)

HM Grand Champion
1st 4 Yr- Thornspyc Loaded Renee
(Thornspyc Dairy)

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor- Diamond Park Dairy

Green Acres 4-H Achievement Day Results



Grand Champion- Skycrest Tatoo Kaboodle- Simone Huisman

Reserve Grand Champion- Unique HP Candyman Moonlight- Emma Huisman

HM Grand Champion- ABJuno Balisto Grietje 10- Lauren Huisman



  1. Eleanor Slingerland
  2. Clara Slomp


  1. Emma Huisman (3rd overall)
  2. Ella Slomp


  1. Sylvia Slingerland (1st overall)
  2. Simone Huisman (2nd overall)