2023 Green Acres Show Results

Junior Champion- Diamondpark Unix Atomic- 1st Summer Yearling

Reserve Junior Champion- Diamonpark Siderd Lawbreaker- 1st Spring Yearling

HM Junior Champion- Diamondpark Avenger Lemonade- 2nd Summer Yearling

Grand Champion & Best Udder- Thornspyc Doc Juliet- 1st 4 Year Old

Reserve Grand Champion- Diamond Park Haniko ChiChai- Ist Junior 3 Year Old

HM Grand Champion- Wendon Lambda Yarn- 1st Junior 2 Year Old- owned by Diamond Park Dairy

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor- Diamond Park Dairy

2023 Alberta Dairy Congress

JUNIOR SHOW Wednesday, June 7th, 2023- Start time: 5:00 pm
Judge: Jon Fornwald, MB

JUDGING SCHOOL Wednesday, June 7th- 9AM
Official: Steve Fraser, ON

JERSEY SHOW Thursday, June 8th, 2023- Start time: 5:00 pm
Judge: Richard Landry, QC

HOLSTEIN SHOW Friday, June 9th, 2023- Start time: 9:00 am
Judge: Richard Landry, QC

AGM Awards

Congratulations to the 2022 Alberta Breeder of the Year, Mosnang Holsteins- the Hehli family!

Some highlights for 110 cow herd near Rimbey include:

  • 24 VG 2 Year Olds, 9 VG86, 1 VG88 in the US
  • 10 New EX, 1 EX-95, Mosnang Solomon Liquify
  • 7 Multiple EX
  • 7 Star Brood Cows
  • 3 Superior Production awards
  • 10- 60,000 kgs
  • 1- 80,000 kgs
  • 1 Super 4 Award- Mosnang Doorman Lady Love
  • RHA BCA: 226-263-233
  • Herd Classification: 9 ME- 10 EX- 83 VG- 24 GP
  • Jr Champion bred and owned at Convention- Mosnang Miranda Lambert
  • 1st Jr Breeders Herd and Jr. Premier Breeder at Alberta Dairy Congress
  • Jr. Champion at IPE and Reserve Jr. Champion at the Westerner Dairy Showcase with Mosnang Chief Darla (owned with Garritt Schmidt)
  • 2nd Breeders Herd & 2nd Premier Breeder at the Royal Winter Fair
    • 6th Milking Yr- Mosnang Bridgestone Live Wire- VG-87
    • 1st Jr. 3 Yr & HM Int Champion- Mosnang Unix Lipstick- VG-89
    • 2nd 5 Yr- Mosnang Solomon Liquify EX-95
  • Mosnang Chief Darla- Junior Champion IPE

Congratulations to the the President’s Club Cow, Marsfield Denzel Kimmy from Mars Dairy, Gert & Sonja Schrijver!

  • 8 Superior Lactations
  • Longtime 120,000 kgs
  • 150, 940 kg M, 4.1%F, 3.2%P
  • 8 Time Class Winner & 3 Time Champion CAHC Barn Cow competition