Wendon Holsteins named 2017 McKown Master Breeder


Wendon Holsteins named McKown Master Breeder

The ninth annual Robert “Whitey” McKown Master Breeder Award will be awarded to Wendon Holsteins of Innisfail, Alberta, Canada. This honor will be presented at the 51st World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. The prestigious award recognizes a well-managed breeder and herd that has been successful at showing and judging, and it emphasizes all qualities of the Klussendorf Award, including ability, character, endeavor, and sportsmanship.

Established in 1976, Don and Wendy Chalack combined their interests and passions to form their prestigious herd featuring 65 milking Holsteins and a small herd of purebred Black Angus on 900 acres just outside of Innisfail. Don and Wendy farm with their son-in-law Scott Hastie and daughter Jillian and their children, Marshall and Maddyn. Oldest daughter Linsey and her children, Paige and Nathan, help out when they can, and both children are involved in 4-H. In July 2016, Don and Wendy’s son, Logan, lost a battle with cancer and was known for his love of breeding and marketing cows. Fortunately, Logan’s wife, Charity, and daughter, Chloe, live close by to the family.

Starting with a 50-cow tie stall operation in 1976, the herd recently converted to a 60-cow free stall robot barn in 2015 with 12 tie stalls for show cows. The original tie stall barn is now a more efficient and spacious calf barn. The herd is 90 percent homebred with a classification breakdown of 24 Multiple Excellent, 15 Excellent, 62 Very Good, and six Good Plus cows. Their current rolling herd average is 27,557 pounds of milk, 4.0 percent fat, and 3.3 percent protein.

Wendon Holsteins has bred 14 All-Canadian nominees as well as received two Holstein Canada Master Breeder shields in 1995 and 2008. They have also been honored with the Small Business of the Year Award in 2000, Alberta Breeder of the Year Award in 2004, and the County Farm Beautification Award in 2012.

Don served as the Alberta Holstein president in 1989 and 1990 and as a director on the Alberta Holstein Branch from 1980 to 1992. He was also one of the founders of the Western Canadian Classic program 33 years ago. In addition, Don joined with a few neighboring herds in the early 1980s to bring the first show string from western Canada to World Dairy Expo. Passing on their love for cattle and hard work ethic, their three children were a part of dairy and beef clubs and the Western Canadian Classic junior show. Don has judged shows in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Columbia. Logan and Linsey also gained their official judge’s status from Holstein Canada.

Their breeding philosophy is based on breeding cows with deep pedigrees and show type. Wendon Holsteins has bred 55 Star Brood cows (13 of those being greater than 4*), 102 Excellent cows, and 391 Very Good cows. The Wendon prefix has also won numerous recognitions in the All-Canadian contest with two winners, two Reserves, six Honorable Mentions, and four more nominations. In addition, they have bred one All-American winner.

Prominent cow families include Wendon Triump Alaska EX-91 2E 4*, Wendon Gibson Prudence EX-92 5E 5*, Wendon Starbuck Renette EX 3*, Wendon Triump Divine EX-94 4E 7*, and Tolamika Goldwyn Mercedes EX-94 2E. Wendon Goldywn Allie EX-95 2E, daughter of Alaska, gained popularity after winning first-place 5-year-old at the Royal Winter Fair and World Dairy Expo in 2012, as well as All-American and All-Canadian for owners Ferme RayDor.

With a strong flush program, Wendon Holsteins sells embryos, females, and bulls each year. They market their high-quality herd through print advertising, a farm website, and Facebook page. The Chalack family is the epitome of dedication, strength, and a love for cattle that make them a deserving winner of the McKown Master Breeder Award.

Past winners of the Robert “Whitey” McKown Master Breeder Award include: Ferme Jacobs Inc., Cap-Santé, Quebec, 2016; Walk-Era, Wisconsin Dells, Wis., 2015; Pond View Farm, Danville, Vt., 2014; Quality Holsteins, Vaughan, Ontario, 2013; New Windsor Farm, New Windsor, Md., 2012; Moondale, Monona, Iowa, 2011; Snider Homestead, New Enterprise, Pa., 2010; and Windy Knoll View, Mercersburg, Pa., 2009.

The Robert “Whitey” McKown Master Breeder Award was made possible by the family and friends of the 1992 Honorary Klussendorf honoree. McKown joined the Holstein World staff in 1956 and became widely respected as he traveled nationally and internationally, reporting on shows, sales, meetings, and other Holstein events. The 1987 National Dairy Shrine president also developed MooKown Holsteins in Belleville, N.Y. McKown had a great admiration for the farmer breeder.

The Klussendorf Association, considered by many as the Hall of Fame for dairy cattle exhibitors, began in 1937 in memory of Arthur B. Klussendorf, who was considered to be an outstanding dairy cattle showman of his time. Each year, the Klussendorf Association votes to add a new dairy cattle exhibitor to its ranks with lifetime membership for their cumulative work, including ability, character, endeavor, and sportsmanship.

Photo caption:
The entire Chalack Family keeps Wendon Holsteins running smoothly. Shown (L to R) are: Scott Hastie with his wife, Jillian, and son, Marshall, kneeling in the foreground; Wendy and Don Chalack; Linsey and Shawn Whalen, with children Paige and Nathan standing in front; Charity and Logan Chalack, who is holding daughter Chloe. Since this family picture was taken in 2015, Maddyn Hastie was born on July 5, 2016.

Story by:
Corey Geiger
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2016 Marj Atkins Award Presentation

At the recent Alberta Holstein family picnic the Marj Atkins Award was presented to Dale Bienert for his longtime achievements and involvement in the Alberta Dairy Industry.  The story below gives a little insight into Dale’s experiences in and around the industry. Congratulations Dale!

Holstein Canada President Orville Schmidt, Marj Atkins Award Recipient Dale Bienert & Alberta Holstein President Bob Reck

Born and raised a good Alberta boy, Dale grew up south of Edmonton, he still resides in Cooking Lake so has never moved very far away from home. Dale attended school in New Serepta, this is also where his children attended and now his grandchildren attend.

At 12 years old in 1963, turned on to purebred Holsteins by his cousin Gary, Dale joined 4-H and became a Holstein Canada member. Dale purchased his first Holstein heifer that year and has registered an animal every year since. If you are counting that is 53 years.

In 1964 Dale’s calf won the local 4-H club show. That meant Dale could travel to the provincial 4-H show in Red Deer. That was a bigger undertaking in those days as the trip took a little longer than it does today. Dale and his dad put his calf in the back of the truck and when they got to Red Deer remembers spending the nights in the truck (not the fancy hotel rooms people do today). Dale remembers the show fondly as his calf was in 17th and got moved all the way up to 6th place. A great achievement when you realize there were 35 4-H clubs in the province then.

Dale’s life experiences revolve around showing cattle and cattle sales. Not much has changed because there is not a show or sale you don’t see Dale at.

In 1969- Dale met Norm and Gord Atkins who had the grand cow that year at the Edmonton show.

In 1970- He traveled to the Calgary show with the Standard boys. This is also where he met Marg Atkins for the first time along with his lifelong friends the Chalack boys.

Every show story Dale tells is like a who’s-who of the Alberta Dairy industry.

1972 was the first year Dale attended the Royal in Toronto – but more impressive is Dale has been at every Royal since 1988 meaning next year will be 30 years in a row.

1991 was Dale’s first trip to Madison with Brian Gross.

In 1973 at a 4-H judging school at Dale’s place, there was a memorable young fellow that was a couple years younger than Dale. Dale remembers hearing this booming voice in a school hallway or 2 but never having much to do with him at that time. After the judging school was over that evening Dale invited Orville Schmidt in for a beer, Orville ended up staying for the evening and the two have been pretty inseperatable since.

But it was at the Gibbs sale where Dale was working on April 19, 1970 that Dale met his real partner. A young girl named June told her dad that day she was going to marry that boy someday. In 1973 Dale and June were married. They have 2 lovely daughters Robin and Nicole and 5 grandchildren Brayden, Georgia, Piper, Jayda and Sadie.

Dale purchased his first good cow in 1973- Hor-Mar Kim Supreme. She is the 5th dam of Lovhill Goldwyn Katrisha. Kim Supreme went on to have 11 daughters that trace back to many cow families in Alberta and North America. His first homebred excellent cow was Beinert Roland Angelica. This good selection of breeding families helped Dale receive his Master Breeders Shield in 1996.

Dale attended the first National judging school held at Hanover Hill in 1989 and has been at everyone since. He has judged shows all around the world:

5X in Brazil- 2X in Columbia- 1X in Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Trinidad-Tobago- 4 summer shows in Ontario and all the major shows in Western Canada.

Dale sat on the Holstein Canada board from 1993-1999when he became president. He was the chairman of the committee that started dual ear tagging for Holstein cattle.

Dale was Alberta’s Breeder of the year in 2006.

Currently Dale is working for Holstar Genetics and is always very active in buying and selling good cattle.

Dale’s nondairy story is about deep sea fishing in Cabo. While fishing in 1992 he caught a 350lb Marlin- Hopefully you have had a chance to see the picture that was in the Holstein Journal also. After returning to shore Dale donated his fish to the poor kids in the village.

2017 Alberta Dairy Congress Results

alberta dairy congress logo2017 Junior Show Results
Judge: Nicole Crosbie, Caron SK

Grand Champion Showman: Alice Hehli
Reserve Grand: Maryje Bikker

Grand Champion Calf: Alice Hehli- Mosnang Mesdoor Wonderland
Reserve Grand: Tyson Rietveld- Rietveld Lotus Mya

alberta dairy congress logo2017 Black & White Results
Judge: David Chalack, Calgary AB

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor: Mosnang Holsteins

Grand Champion B & W: MATURE COW- Zimmer Krusade Ava- Benbie/Robella/Zimmer
Reserve B&W: SR 3- Grossville Aftershock Fiona- Rietveld/Butte Holsteins
HM B&W: 4 YR- Lovhill Defiant Rumrunner- Lovholm Holsteins

Intermediate Champion B&W: SR 3- Grossville Aftershock Fiona- Rietveld/Butte Holsteins
Reserve B&W: SR 3- New Mars Godlchip Surviver: Skycrest/ New Mars Dairy
HM B&W: Sr 2- Coytee CH McCutchen Suri: Chubanna Holsteins

Junior Champion B&W: SR CALF- Kenbert Avalanche Belize- Westcoast Holsteins
Reserve B&W: INT CALF- Skycrest Solomon Salmonella- Skycrest Holsteins
HM B & W: INT YR- Kenbert Doorman Raspberry: Kenbert Holsteins

alberta dairy congress logo2017 Red & White Results
Judge: David Chalack, Calgary AB

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor: Southrise Holsteins

Grand Champion R & W: 4 YR- Lookout Elmbridge Likely Red- Westcoast Holsteins
Reserve R & W: 4 YR- Ronleen Larson Heavenly- Benbie/Robella
HM R & W: JR 3- Craila Laddy Elizabeth- Lucky Hill Dairy

Intermediate Champion R & W: JR 3- Craila Laddy Elizabeth- Lucky Hill Dairy
Reserve R & W: JR 2- Southrise Artie Aloe

Junior Champion R & W: JR YR- Rietben Lotus Mya- Rietveld Dairies
Reserve R & W: SR YR- Sunspark Prodigy Scout- Southrise Holsteins
HM R & W: Southrise Lotus Aspen- Southrise Holsteins

Green Acres Holstein Show Results

The Green Acres Holstein Club 4-H Achievement Day & Open Show was held June 2-3 in Lethbridge.

Judge: Carl Barclay, BC

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor went to Diamond Park Dairy- The Slingerland Family.

2017 Green Acres Show results

4-H Show

Jr. Showmanship- Emma Huisman
Int. Showmanship- Simone Huisman
Sr. Showmansip- Aaron van Steekelenburg

4-H Grand Champion
Diamondpark Brew Jefflyn- 1st Summer Yearling- Leighton Slingerland

4-H Reserve Grand Champion
Huybregts Mogul Melissa- 1st Senior Yearling- Sylvia Slingerland

4-H HM Grand Champion
Quintus Jacoby Jobi 635- 1st Senior Calf- Emma Van Steekelenburg

Open Show

Junior Champion
Pol Butte Formost Freya- 1st Junior Yearling- Van Den Pol Dairy

Reserve Junior Champion
Thornsoyc Snowy Annamieke- 1st Senior Yearling- Thornspyc Dairy

HM Junior Champion
Thornsypc High Octane Trish- 2nd Junior Yearling- Thornspyc Dairy

Grand Champion
Pol Butte Beau Elaine- 1st 5 Year Old- Van Den Pol Dairy

Reserve Grand Champion
Pol Butte Doorman Jazzmin- 1st Jr. 3 Year Old- Van Den Pol Dairy

HM Grand Champion
Pol Butte Ladd Abby P- 1st Sr. 3 Year Old- Van Den Pol Dairy

April 2017 Newsletter

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2017 Directors & Committees

Alberta Holstein Directors
Front Row: Benita Hummel, Orville Schmidt, Bob Reck, Dale Bienert, Amanda Hehli, Sue CrestBack row: Joop Garretson, Willem vander Linde, Larry Arvey, Tim Hummel, Joe Folkerts, Andrew Wildeboer, Lee Simanton

President: Bob Reck, Past President: Dale Bienert, Vice President: Willem Vanderlinde,
National Director: Orville Schmidt, Secretary/ Treasurer: Benita Hummel

President: Bob Reck, Past President: Dale Bienert, Vice President: Willem Vanderlinde,
National Director: Orville Schmidt, Secretary/Treasurer Benita Hummel

Treasurer: Benita Hummel, President: Bob Reck
Committee Chairpersons

Joop Garretsen: Sue Crest, Lee Simanton, Benita Hummel

Willem Vanderlinde: Tim Hummel, Sue Crest, Joop Garretsen, Joe Folkerts, Larry Arvay

Andrew Wildeboer, Orville Schmidt, Tim Hummel, Willem Vanderlinde, Joe Folkerts

Sue Crest: Lee Simanton, Joop Garretsen, Larry Arvay

Lee Simanton: Joe Folkerts, Willem Vanderlinde, Andrew Wildeboer

FIELD SERVICE REP: Willem van der Linde



2016 Branch Awards

The 2016 Branch Awards were presented at the Annual General Meeting on February 17th in Westlock, AB.

Mosnang Holsteins took home a double win with Breeder of the Year and Cow of the Year with Mosnang Lightning Bolt EX-92-2E 1*.  Heini & Ruth Hehli along with their son Markus and his wife Amanda (and 10 month old twins Sawyer & Georgia) were on hand to accept the awards. 2016 highlights for Mosnang included: 17 VG 2 Year Olds, 4 new EX cows, 14 Superior Production awards, 4 Longtime Productions awards, 5 Star Brood Cow awards, involvement in Alberta Milk, Holstein Canada, Alberta Holstein Association, 4-H, WCC & Westerner Dairy Showcase. Congratulations to the Hehli family!

Full writeup on Mosnang Holsteins.

President Bob Reck also presented Dale Bienert  with the 2016 Marj Atkins Achievement Award for his lifetime involvement with the Holstein breed.

Check out the Branch Awards tab on the website for more details on these awards.


2016 Annual Report

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