Green Acres Holstein Show

The Green Acres Holstein Club

is pleased to invite one and all to their

Annual Show

Lethbridge Exhibition Park, Lethbridge, Alberta

South Pavilion

Saturday, May 28th, 2022– 8:30 am

The weekend begins with the Green Acres Holstein Club Picnic

Friday, May 27, 2022 at 7:30 pm in the South Pavilion. 

Picnic will once again be sponsored by local industry.

          The GAHC Board is asking all show cattle to be on the Exhibition Grounds before 7 pm Friday, May 27th. Cattle will be released after the show on Saturday.

          Any questions or concerns please contact Tim Hummel 403-331-8599

Show Information:

All Alberta Holstein members are invited and encouraged to enter the open show. Attached to this email is an entry form. Please email completed entries to Green Acres Holstein Club Show

** PEE WEE Class for those young showman ages 10 & under and not involved in a 4-H club.**

Deadline for entries: Monday, May 23, 2022

All entries must be submitted by May 23rd, the deadline for substitutions will be noon Friday.

If you have any questions please contact a member of the show committee:

John Muller-403-394-8530

Alan Oudshoorn 403-634-0373

William Slomp-403-308-8107

            If we are unable to get enough animals in each category; categories may be deleted at the discretion of the show committee. All decisions made by the show committee are final.

As a requirement for an official show, ear tags must be in the cow’s ear and the animal must be registered with Holstein Canada. Ear tags will be cross reference with the Holstein Canada database. If the producer is unable to prove registration the cow may be disqualified from the show.  They will be checked by a representative of the Alberta Holstein Association (Holstein Canada). 

All exhibitors must be dressed in white shirts and white trousers free of colors, letters, logos or labels. Stall cards are the responsibility of the exhibitor, blank Alberta Holstein cards will be provided; they are not mandatory but are recommended.

The following is an entry form, please enter all necessary information and email to the

Green Acres Holstein Club Show Committee

The spreadsheet “Electronic Entry Form” is our preferred entry method as it will reduce the chance of keying error on the official program.  

Farm Name and contact information on each sheet is important to ensure proper animal entry.

If you wish to stall together with another exhibitor please make a note so we can arrange this.

Justin Weiss
 on behalf of the
Green Acres Holstein Club Board

Travel Grant- National Convention

A reminder to breeders that exhibited at the National Holstein Convention that the travel grant is available and applications will be accepted until May 20th.

The funds will be divided as follows: The maximum that can be applied for is 15 head/farm at $50/head.

Please email completed forms to

Alberta Dairy Congress 2022

The Dairy Show Committee invites you to the 35th annual Alberta Dairy Congress Holstein Show. We are also pleased to host the 15th annual RED & WHITE Holstein show, the only one in Western Canada and the 2nd annual Jersey show. The dairy shows at the congress allow exhibitors to showcase their animals to all dairy producers and dairy enthusiasts.


STALL COMPETITION: starts June 1st, 2022 – ends June 3rd, 2022 4:00 pm

ALL ENTRIES will be accepted ONLINE ONLY at

Entries open MAY 1, 2022 ($40.00 per head) and close MAY 24, 2022 11:59PM

Questions: Call Corry @ (780) 499-7548 or

All exhibitors are to wear SHOW HARNESSES this year.

PeeWee Show: June 1st, 2022 starting off the junior show

Banquet and Awards: June 3rd, 2022 @ 6:00 pm: Cost $25.00 per ticket

Purchase tickets on the entry form online or with Corry Gross

Alberta Dairy Congress- Alberta Dairy Congress

We will be having live coverage of the Jersey Show June 2nd, 2022 and BW/RW Show June 3rd, 2022

The Dairy Congress Committee

Chairman: Orville Schmidt, Treasurer: John Mulcair, Directors: Brenda Kozak, Dale Bienert, Sue Crest, Tom Hofstra, Corry Gross, Jason Rietveld, Katelyn Kozak, Chance Hofstra, Damien Rasmuson, Candice Prins, Lee Simanton, Maxime Ten-Have, Rebekah Mathers, Joanne vander Linde, Deanna Beck, Morgan Sangster

Show Times: JUNIOR SHOW- Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 ​Judge: Katelyn Kozak

PeeWee Show ​ Start time: 5:00 pm New Sarepta, Alberta

JERSEY SHOW ​Thursday, June 2nd , 2022 Judge: Mark Sweetnam​ ​ ​ Start time: 5:00 pm Morden, Manitoba

HOLSTEIN SHOW Friday, June 3rd, 2022 Judge: Mark Sweetnam​ ​ ​ Start time: 9:00 am Morden, Manitoba ​

At the Holstein Show the Black & White Classes and the Red & White Classes will show alternately.

DAIRY SHOW GUIDELINES Arrival Times: Animals may arrive on the grounds beginning at 12:00 pm on Monday May 30th, 2022. All cattle must arrive by 4:00 pm on Tuesday May 31st, 2022. All livestock to be unloaded at the SOUTH SIDE OF THE AGRIM BUILDING (see map of grounds on the last page). We would prefer that all exhibitors would attend the awards and banquet and that no cattle be removed, prior to the completion of the show.

Rules & Guidelines: All animals must have plastic panel NLID tags to be allowed onto the grounds. Exhibitors will be expected to comply with the “Rules and Regulations for Showing Dairy Cattle” (listed on Holstein Canada web site). Due to space restrictions please store only 1 days’ worth of hay at your stall, leave the remainder in your trailer. Bedding: Shavings and straw available on grounds, supply will be limited. Alberta Dairy Congress will be supplying big straw bales. If you would like to use small straw bales instead, exhibitors will have to supply them on their own.

General: Exhibitors must supply own milking equipment. A tank will be on site for milk collection. All exhibitors must put milk in the tank provided. Milk is not to be disposed of in the sewer system.** Manure must be kept clean of garbage. Keep stall area clean and please put garbage in barrels provided throughout the barns. ** There will be a $250 charge to the exhibitor if garbage other than straw, shavings and manure is found in the stall after the show.

Best Bred & Owned in the black & white milking classes will be presented by the Alberta Holstein Association with $100, and Red & White milking classes will be awarded $100.


Alberta Holstein Judging Seminar Judge: Garry Vanderpost ​​Thursday June 2nd 9:00 AM

Taste of Crestomere Sale ​ Thursday June 2nd 1:30 PM

Meals:Taste of Crestomere Luncheon ​ Thursday June 2nd 12:30 PM Sponsored by Gull Lake Veterinary Leduc Farm Animal Hospital ​

Exhibitor Breakfast Friday June 3rd 7:00 AM Sponsored by More Than Just Feed

Banquet & Awards ​ Friday June 3rd 6:00 PM ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Cost: $25.00 per person

ACCOMODATIONS IN RIMBEY Canalta Rimbey Box 1790 Rimbey Canada Phone: 403.843.3808 Email: canaltarimbey@canalta.comWeb: A block of rooms has been reserved from May 30th, 2022 to June 4th, 2022 at a rate of $118.00 + taxes and fees. Call the hotel and mention the Alberta Dairy Congress to reserve a room in this block. These rooms will be held until May 15th, after that there will be no guarantee of rooms, but the rate will be more. Quality Inn & Suites® Elaa Aki General Manager 5501 50th Avenue Rimbey, AB Phone: 403.843.2999 Cell: 778.846.7470Fax: 403.843.2997No blocked rooms offered. Availability is on first come, first serve basis. Rate per night – $109.00 + taxes and fees To book your room, call the hotel and mention the Agrim Rate

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National Holstein Convention Best Bred & Owned

Alberta Holstein was happy to present the Bred & Owned awards at the 2022 National Holstein Convention, Congratulations to all the recipients!

  • Winter Calf- Benbie Bridgestone Maeve (1st), Benbie, Robella, Zimmer, Lakefield Farm, SK
  • Summer Yearling- Lovhill Stan Cream Cheese (6th), Lovholm Holsteins, SK
  • Spring Yearling- Benbie Chrome Cherise (1st), Benbie Holsteins, SK
  • Spring 2 Year Old- Robella Sidekick Skye (2nd),Robella Holsteins & Pat Conroy, SK
  • Fall 2 Year Old- Wendon Jordy Clear (2nd), Wendon Holsteins, AB
  • Junior 3 Year Old- Robella WC Tatoo Mia (3rd), Robella Holsteins & Westcoast Holsteins, SK
  • Senior 3 Year Old- Mosnang Unstopabull Karma (1st), Mosnang, Lovholm, Lucky Hill Dairy Ltd., AB
  • Mature Cow- Benbie High Octane Ciara (1st) – Benbie Holsteins, SK
  • Lifetime Component Cow- Benbie Atwood Matila(1st) – Benbie Holsteins, SK
  • Champion Bred & Owned Benbie High Octane Ciara, 1st Mature Cow- Benbie Holsteins, Caron, SK
  • Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Lovhill Lotties Lastkick, 2nd 4-Year-old- Lovholm Holsteins, Balgonie, SK
  • Junior Bred & Owned Champion Mosnang Miranda Lambert, 5th Winter Yearling, Mosnang Holsteins, Rimbey, AB
  • Reserve Junior Bred & Owned Champion Benbie Chrome Cherise, 1st Spring Yearling, Benbie Holsteins, Caron, SK

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